Admission & Fees

Residents and their family are invited to view the home; an initial assessment is done with a follow up full assessment in the Residents home. If I feel that the home can meet the needs of the Resident, then a day is arranged for them to come along and spend some time with us. A 4-6 week trial period is arranged where either party can terminate at any time.
Permanent residents will be asked to sign a contract detailing the terms and conditions of the home, payment by cheque or standing order in advance (calendar month).

Respite residents will also be asked to sign a contract, and provide 1 weeks payment to secure the room.

Financial Arrangements and fees
Eleighwater House Retirement Home is committed to providing a high standard of care.

The fees are charged accordingly:

  •  The level of fees required as determined by initial assessment this is  discussed with the individual and their family.
  •  Fees reviewed annually (January) or as the situation dictates.

Eleighwater House is a private care home. We are able to accept publicly funded Residents, providing the full fees were met with a top up arrangement. We strongly recommend that you seek financial advice.

Fees – What is included

  • 24-hour service
  • There is a waking member of staff on duty  through the night.
  • Sitting staff will be provided for residents with short periods of
  • Illness. Residents requiring sitting staff on a longer term  basis, fees will be discussed with the Resident and family.

Home cooking
(Daily menu for Lunch and Dinner. Dietary needs catered for)

  • Laundry
  • Activities
  • Outings -Local outings to be decided by all concerned, Families are encouraged to join us and this also helps with transport, allowing everyone to join in.
  • Toiletries -Residents may wish to purchase their own if they use a particular brand.

Fees- What is not included?

  • Dry cleaning
  • Hairdressing
  • Chiropody
  • Private phone installation and calls.
  • Transport to hospital appointments and taxis.
  • Holistic Treatments.

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